Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeping


Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeping

NCIS Investigators carry out Counter Surveillance bug sweeps and detection in most areas and environments with a 24 hour emergency service. We use some of the industry’s most advanced electronic counter surveillance and debugging equipment to locate all types of electronic listening devices / bugs, telephone taps, hidden video, radio and microwave devices.

In a counter surveillance sweep our specialist investigators will be conducting a two part search; looking for Hardwire, Radio Frequency, GSM and Laser / Infrared bugs. The two part search will consist firstly of a physical search, where we will inspect electronic equipment and suspect areas for known devices and then, for the second part we will carry out an electronic RF spectrum and audio search including a GSM search, using our counter surveillance equipment.

Our Private Investigators will search all possible areas including telephones and phone lines, both inside and outside the property. Bugs can be extremely small, and can be placed into many items such as a pen, a mouse, or a plug. In addition to the initial counter surveillance search, we recommend further regular debugging searches to maintain your security and peace of mind.

This is due to the ease with which individuals can plant bugging devices at some time after our search is completed. Our Private Investigators have the bug sweeping and detection equipment and experience to carry out complete counter surveillance sweeps in the following locations.

Locations for Bug Detection

  • Home
  • Office
  • Factory
  • Vehicle (car and van)
  • Micro devices fitted in clothing
  • Electronic equipment such as phones, radios, televisions, clocks, lamps etc.
  • Inspection of mains sockets, suspended tiles, some equipment and suspicious or new fittings.